Network Bogotá on the Bogotá Software Freedom Day 2015

Network Bogotá will be giving a brief talk about Open and Free Mesh Networks - 15/10/2015

Leonardo Taborda from Network Bogotá (a community-driven telecommunications project based on Free Wireless Mesh Networks) lets us know about their participation in Bogotá's Software Freedom Day 2015:

Network Bogotá will be attending the Software Freedom Day 2015 in Bogotá ( Initially, we are going to give a brief conference about open and free mesh networks, and we are also going to have a hacklab where NWBTA will give a live demo of a small mesh network, in this case running with qMp, as well as the nodes running in Bogotá with qMp.
Our gratitude goes to Leonardo and the NWBTA community for spreading the word about Free Community Networks and qMp.

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